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The A.D.M.S. System, standing for Auto Diverge Mapping System (オート分岐マッピング・システム), is the innovative gameplay system of YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


When a branch in the storyline nears, an indicator on the game's Reflector Device blinks. When the players' choice advances the storyline, their routes are recorded in the "divergence map" and the device plays a sound. The player is tasked with collecting eight jewels that are the power source of the reflector device; the divergence map shows the locations of all jewels within the storylines even before the player has reached them. In this way, A.D.M.S. is used to navigate through the parallel worlds. The divergence map displays time from left to right and concurrent parallel worlds are shown vertically.

Another noteworthy feature is the "jewel save". The jewels that power the reflector device can be clicked to place a mark on the divergence map, which consumes the jewel. The divergence map can later be opened and players can return to the mark instantly, regaining the jewel. If a jewel save is made before a story branch point, players can explore one scenario then quickly return and explore an alternative. This feature is akin to saving or loading the game. Key items can be carried from one world to another through the jewel save.