Ayumi Arima

Ayumi Arima is a Character of the YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


Takuya Arima's mother-in-law who is responsible for construction work to be carried out by Geo Technics Corporation on the coast of Sakaimocho.

I married Koudai Arima, a former teacher half a year ago, when I was in college.

Since construction began, the mysterious lightning strikes on the beach successively calls for the responsibility of Geo-Technics.

Victims have already appeared and they are struck by criticism as the responsible person in construction.

Even though he is against the continuation of investigation, he insists that there is no problem according to company policy.

The purpose of face-up construction is to investigate the geology of the company building, but in fact it is to find a "supernatural stone" which sleeps under the coastline, crystallize "supernot" from Koudai and "jewel" I was asked to make it.

With data that cleared the other world version, it is possible to branch to the ending where she and Takuya live happily.

In the original version, it was a costume called a pink suit on a hairstyle hanging three braids on a shoulder, but in the remake version the braids are gathered up with a hairpin and the clothes have been changed to a black casual suit.