Celes is a Character of the YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


Takuya Arima, who was the person I met first at Takuya who was blown out to the other world, is called Celes ("Say less") because he can not talk the language, but he seems to understand the words Takuya speaks and gets in touch with gestures .

After the death of Ailia, although it is going on, I will live with Takuya, gradually deepening my love and giving birth to Yu-No.

A priestess to bring down the god "Dera = Grantia" to the body by ritual.

It is assaulted by a soldier who came from Teito, and self-hates by chewing a tongue when it is about to be entrained.

My real name is pronounced "careless".

In the remake version, the characters of most foreign worlds including her have changed the design of clothing.