Kanna Hatano

Kanna Hatano is a Character of the YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


Sakyamachi School's 3rd grade.

I have been transferring at least 10 times so far, and the school where I am transferred to is a school located around Sakai-cho.

It will be a month after transferring to Sakaicho Gakuen, but I will not try to get familiar with the class yet.

Mothers are told that punishment will be given to those who are going to take away the "supernatural" that sleeps under the coast, and we will ask Geo Technics to stop construction.

The mothers of Kanna and Kanna have a singular nature that "growth is very fast when young, but they do not change in the body as they mature", and their lives are several hundred years.

They have been living together for about fifty years, but as the mother dies, he runs to prostitution to escape solitude and poverty.

I despair of my own circumstances and thought of suicide at one time, it is protected by Koudai Arima and Keiko Arima because it has the same constitution as Keiko.

In order to survive the energy of the "supernatural" as food, if you do not wear a necklace that comes with a "supernot" crystallized in a special way you will lose your life.

When traveling to "the interval between events", Koudai instructs Kanna to give (pass) a message saying "When a jewel has eight items, a new way will be opened" and the key to the study to Kanna.

In the data that cleared the different world edition, it is possible to branch to the ending where she and Takuya Arima become happy.

Well written as "Hatano", correctly "Hatano". It was also called "Kaede" in the early stages of development.

In the original version, the color of hair bands and private clothes was mainly red, but in the remake version both have been changed to yellow. Also, as compared with the original version, the hairstyle was straight, the outer honey is getting stronger.