Takuya Arima

Takuya Arima is a Character of the YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


The main character of the main part.

Sakyamachi School's 3rd grade.

When I was young, I lost my mother 's Keiko Arima sick (actually suicide).

Because I could not fully enjoy my mother's love, I am not particularly conscious but I am seeking contact with my mother deep inside my heart, sometimes I dream of Keiko.

My father Koudai Arima was caught up in falling rock two months ago and the other world.

Although it has a cold nature at first sight and talks about things that do not have special emotions in the death of Koudai, in reality he is deeply loving his father while hitting a hatred mouth, Stopping the disturbance club activity and also beating a teacher insulting his father.

We are witnessing the appearance of Ayumi Arima who grieves and mourns Koudai's death in her own room, and the relationship has changed.

In order to comfort the rough heart, I will associate with Mitsuki Ichijou for a while but I have been witnessed by Mio Shimazu of sex acts with her, and my relationship with Mio is bad.

Currently the line is recovering.

In the original version the eyes were hidden by the hair, but in the remake version it is designed to see the eyes.