Yu-No is a Character of the YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World.


The most important figure of this work.

A girl born between Takuya Arima and Celes.

Takuya named the name "You Know?".

Although it appears early in the story, identity discovery and exchanges with Takuya are finally done in the latter half of the story.

Takuya, along the way to the imperial capital, visited the temple and was taken away by the soldiers of the imperial capital.

After that I met again with Takuya who came to Imperial City, but Yu - No was brainwashed by the festival raised as a shrine maiden, and even he forgot about Takuya.

Afterwards the brainwashing can be solved, but leave it to the ceremony to synchronize with the Grantier to avoid event collision.

On the eve of the ceremony, I spent sexual intercourse with my real father Takuya.